June 15, 2018

Boudoir photographers in Calgary

Raquel is definitely a free spirit and someone I connected really well with before, during and after her session! I love people that are really inspiring and generally “give no fucks”. She’s bold yet compassionate and genuinely cares for people, and dogs, maybe dogs more than people but that’s fine with me. I love that Raquel is bold and brave and did a full release for her images. She WANTS them to be seen, she wants to be a part of this community to support women and their journey of body image and what that truly means to us. Raquel went through a full year of body changes, from being hospitalized with having her appendix removed, to being hit by car a car. So many things went on where she felt like she didn’t recognize herself anymore. We did her session shortly after recovery and before she could begin working out again. Although I support working out for health, I don’t believe losing weight or “toning” up is necessary for seeing how beautiful your body already is.

If you are looking for a boudoir photographer in Calgary and want to do an experience that is just for you, focusing on self love, positive mental health and body image, send me an email!

Hair and Makeup provided by Candice from Eyecandi Beauty