Leggo my Eggo! Monica and Paul | In-home Couples Session

April 9, 2019

If you thought moody, and dark were the only things I could do, well I’ll tell you right now it’s not. In-home couples sessions are gold to me. What I do is focus on light, connections, emotions and mood. So to define this session we did a bit more a vibrant, playful and still sexy vibe. This completely suits Monica and Paul. They have this soft and endearing spark between the two of them but they are more subtle about it. Lots of kisses and just as many smiles and laughs. I really do adore in-home couples session and am an advocate of encourage people to do them. It’s a safe space for you and your partner. Somewhere you are already familiar with and love. It probably makes it easier to unwind and connect laying in bed together than it does in the outdoors (well at least for some!).

Let’s not forget Mr. Sammy popping in and out of photos want “attention” (Ahem waffles) Unfortunately he didn’t get to eat any, but don’t fret, we absolutely did. (yes, I ate some too and they were fricken amazing!)
Huge shout out to Monica of Redbloom Photography for having me capture he amazing relationship with her sweet husband Paul!

If you are looking to do an In-home couples session give me a shout. You don’t need a show-home status home to do it, just a window (or two) couch, bed or just the kitchen and a good time. Trust me it’s you guys that make the session not the space.

Contact us!

black and white kissing photo, messy playful baking waffles couples session
soft focus black and white romantic couples photos in kitchen
Highlighted sensual shot with hands and lips. in home couples photo shoot
black and white smiling photo, cute messy flour throwing in-home kitchen photo shoot.



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