Heart & The Heat – Edmonton Workshop

October 2, 2019

Wow. How can I even begin? Was a nuts for thinking I could possibly teach or even offer anything at a boudoir photography workshop? Hell yeah I was. I was also brave and inspired though. Humbled to think I could share something that could enlighten, encourage and recharge so many beautiful minds I would meet for one full day. From the other speakers- my fucking faves Brina Lynn & Ashley Jackson who I adore so much, to the hot as helllllll and oh so talented models we had, which brings me to our wonderful, truly truly wonderful attendees for whom I am so grateful for. They put so much trust and energy (not to mention hard earned dollars) into us, and in the end I hope everyone went home feeling inspired, learning at least one thing from each other us and a hunger to create and to continue learning.

Thank you everyone.

Here are images I took during my class I taught and then fun free creative shooting.

If you would like to book a session for yourself soon or in the future you can reach out to me directly, hello@rianalisbeth.ca or head over to this page and fill the contact form on the bottom!
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Thank you to our amazing models Lauren, Ruby and Katie. They worked tirelessly all day for the instructors and all workshop attendees, we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you are interested in a mentoring session, one-on-one/Skype session, or hosting a boudoir photography workshop just give me a shout and let’s put some plans together! I am based in Calgary but available to travel anywhere and always honoured to share any knowledge I can with others.

Thanks again you guys, you are all so fucking amazing, and I adore each and everyone of you.

black and white boudoir photo on couch



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