Positivity is sexy – shifting your inner monologue

October 24, 2019

Let’s start with, I fucking get it, you can’t just read this blog and be like BOOM fucking positive inner monologue all the time. What you CAN do is slowly be conscious of the bad shit you say and think of your self and make the effort to change it, one step at a time baby. And if you are especially coming in for a session, this bad boy comes in handy for it.

It’s hard on certain days that feel gloomy, negative or just plain awful to keep the upbeat behavior and feelings going on, but don’t you think if you are able to do that, you are able to conquer the world?

1. Don’t let the outside world discourage you.
Simple as that, shitty news on all day? Turn that shit off, today is not the day for it. Instead how about checking out https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org
ALL GOOD NEWS! Yes cute news stories that don’t make it onto the big news stations we are used to. OR literally go onto youtube and search ‘cute fluffy animals’ if you’re not feeling better already, you might be a sociopath (it’s okay I can be one too-lol)

2. Think about one negative thing you have said to yourself about yourself. Would you say that to your best friend about themselves, or even a random stranger? No? A little mortified at the thought of it? Good. Don’t say it to yourself.

3. Go to the mirror, or open up your selfie mode on your phone, or just say anywhere out loud. “My body is perfectly good. In fact, it’s perfectly great” If you want to take it a step further hug yourself and tell yourself what a perfectly sexy bad-ass bitch you are, because yes I love saying shit like that.

4. Cut out toxicity. Whether it is habits, people or surroundings. If you know it’s not helping with your mindset and your inner monologue, drop it, move on and be like “bye bish” cause you deserve so much better for yourself.

Next time you catch yourself looking in the mirror and if you dare even think “ew” say 10 good things about yourself. Every single time. DO. IT.

You are worthy
You are Intelligent
You are Beautiful
You are Hilarious
You are bootylicious
You make the best goddamn pasta out there

I don’t care what it is, but keep telling yourself it. It’s almost like fake it till you make it. The thing is baby girl, you are already it, everyone else can see, why can’t you?

Thanks for coming out
*mic drop*

If you have your session already booked, or are thinking of booking one, maybe read this right before you book and come for your session. REFRESH! Because positivity and a good inner monologue is hella sexy.

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