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July 31, 2018

Calgary Engagement Photographer Riana Lisbeth
I was honoured to do this session with Steph and Dave recently after the first became engaged. They are both super rad and talented people. Steph is such a bad ass tattoo artist over at Ambassador Tattoo (seriously Check her out!)
I have known steph for a few years, from meeting her when she worked at the Sugar cube (amazing vendor for wedding gifts or candy buffet-YUM!) and then when she was my model a few times for boudoir/intimate lifestyle. Then after hearing so much about Dave, i FINALLY was able to meet him. All the stories don’t do him justice, he’s funny, intelligent and really good at skateboarding, also has a thing for taxidermy which just sings to my macabre heart. Whether you are alternative, full tatted up, a librarian, a coffee barista, an engineer or  self-employed, I love working with all kinds of people. So if you are looking for a Calgary engagement photographer, or wedding photographer *wink wink* I would definitely love to hear from you!



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