September 5, 2018


Calgary, Alberta

Top Calgary boudoir photographer

“OMG! I’m literally bawling right now! Those are amazing. Thank you. I seriously needed this. You are a freakin’ magical unicorn and I will love you forever.”

Jennifer’s intimate lifestyle session held in our brand new studio by Calgary boudoir photographer Riana Lisbeth.
This session was all about embracing herself, showing self love/care and how much that can really impact our lives and both mental and physical health. I know how much being negative about our selves and the hateful self talk can make us physically feel ill. This is about moving past that and seeing that no matter what every piece of ourselves is worth loving and appreciating. Whether we have been through it all or nothing, every story and experience is different, but in the end, everyone should love them selves all the same -to the full extent.


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