meet riana

I tried to look up adjectives that described me, and as many as I picked, I also picked the opposite; but I think that sums up who I am in so many ways. I Sometimes tell Booty (my husband) “well, yes and no” and he thinks it’s so funny, but I’m kind of that grey person. I don’t like to make choices, I think things can be more complicated then what they are made to be seen in most circumstances. I’m a simply complicated person. My life truly is an oxymoron. I’d say I’m a pretty funny person but also very quiet, I can warm up to individuals or tiny groups but put the spot light on me in a crowd and you won’t see me shut up faster then I can. There are only a number of things I’m quite solidly sure about in life, my family, how much I love them (which is ever growing) and my passion for creating photographs that I want to be a legacy for me as well as those I create them for. I use my love of light and shadows to craft my images. I love to focus on connections, relationships and intimacy to complete that with the light and use that to create a scene, almost like a still taken from a cinematic masterpiece (i’d hope anyways -haha). Something that pulls any emotion from a person and feels like it can tie them infinitely to that image, whether it be a wedding, couples session or intimate lifestyle session.

Anyways, I could add some basic facts about me, like starting with my name!

riana lisbeth khem (most people think Lisbeth is my last name – had ya fooled!)

born in Houston, Texas, but I’m half Venezuelan half Canadian.

married to one fucking amazing stud

we made 2 beautiful children

live in calgary, but consider the west coast our home too

i freaking love lady gaga, but don’t be surprised if you hear me roll up to tupac or the misfits

Image: Jalisse Photography